Question: Should baptism by sprinkling be permissible?

God promised in Ezekiel 36:25 that he would sprinkle on his people to make them clean. In 1 Peter 1:2 the apostle Peter states that believers have been sprinkled by the blood of Jesus Christ.

The author of Hebrews also confirms that our hearts have been cleansed by sprinkling (Heb 10:22). Therefore, should Sprinkling be permissible?

Sprinkling is not baptism. The word “baptism” is derived from the Greek word baptismos, which means immersion. The Greek word baptein (baptism) means to plunge, to immerse, or to wash.

The language in Ezekiel 36:25-26 is figurative (e.g. heart of stone and heart of flesh). So the cleansing through sprinkling is figurative of the inward cleansing (see point 4). The reference to sprinkling comes from the ceremonial cleansing in Numbers 8:6-7.

1 Peter 1:2 does not refer to the physical action of baptism, but the spiritual cleansing by the sprinkling of Christ’s blood (sprinkling of blood is a foreshadow in the Old Testament; See Heb 9:18-22). If the verse did refer to actual sprinkling, then one must be sprinkled by the physical blood of Christ (which is impossible).

Hebrews 10:22 cannot be a basis for sprinkling. On the contrary, this verse actually supports baptism by immersion. Notice that it is the heart, not the body, that is being sprinkled spiritually; the body is “washed with pure water” physically (washed=immersed). So when the candidate is immersed in water during baptism, his spiritual being is being cleansed.

What about the situation when the candidate is seriously ill or when it is not convenient to perform baptism with immersion? Should Baptism by sprinkling be permissible?

Sprinkling is not baptism. The Word of God cannot be altered regardless of the circumstances.

There are countless miracles in the True Jesus Church concerning candidates of baptism in critical illness being healed by God during baptism.

It was not uncommon for large numbers of people to be baptized. John the Baptist, for example, constantly performed baptism for the people at Aenon “because there was much water there” (Jn 3:23; attesting to immersion). It is certainly possible to baptize 3,000 with immersion in one day if there were, say, 30 people
performing baptism at different spots at the baptismal site.

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Should Sprinkling be permissible?

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