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Question: What Power Does Christ’s Blood Have on the Removal of Sins?

The apostle John bears witness that from Jesus’ side flowed blood and water (Jn 19:34). In 1 John 5:6, John explains that Jesus did not come by water only (here the water refers to baptism; notice water is mentioned first), but by water and blood, and that it is the Spirit who testifes. In other words, the effect of Christ’s’ blood, by the testimony of the Holy Spirit, is present during baptism to cleanse the sin of the person being baptized.

Although the candidate’s boy is immersed in water physically, yet his spiritual being is cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ (Heb 10:22 “washed” = immersed). The explanation by John is confirmed by the baptisms performed in the True Jesus Church, during which many have witnessed blood in the water.

Christ’s blood is vital to the removal of sins.  This can be seen clearly from the following Scriptures:

  1. Sins are wiped out with Chris’s blood (Acts 3:19)
  2. Through the power of Christ’s blood, the punishment of sin is abolished and we are delivered from the wrath of God (Rom 5:9)
  3. We are purified from all sins so that we may become holy (1 Jn 1:7; Rev 7:14)
  4. We are freed from the law of sin and now triumph over Satan’s accusation (Rom 8:2, 9:32; Rev 12:10-11)

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Baptism ~ Cleansing of Sins

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