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Question: Do we have evidence that heaven is real or is it just wishful thinking?

Do we have evidence that Heaven is real or is it just wishful thinking?

Have you ponder why are there so many Christians that keep talking about Heaven? Is it really through that man’s sufferings on earth is temporary and when we leave the world we can go heaven?

Heaven is real and not wishful thinking or human invention.

  • There is no scientific evidence for Heaven. Not everything can be proved with methods known to science today. For example, can you show someone your love with scientific evidence? Since our scientific knowledge is limited, we cannot use it as the ultimate authority.
  • Is there any scientific evidence that proves the assumption that whatever cannot be proven by science does not exist? If even this assumption cannot be proven by science, why do you believe it?
  • To find out whether Heaven is real, we need to find out whether the Bible and Jesus are true because they both teach us about Heaven. If the Bible is indeed God’s word and if Jesus is indeed Lord and Savior, then Heaven must be real.
  • We know that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead because he answers our prayers and pours out his Holy Spirit as he has promised. Since we know that Christ has risen and gone to Heaven, we know that Heaven is real.
  • The argument that Heaven does not exist because we want it so much is fallacious. If this reasoning is true, it could work the other way, too (i.e. because you don’t want Heaven to exist, Heaven must be real because your wishful thinking has to be false). To refute an idea, we should provide solid evidence instead of simply calling it wishful thinking.

Heaven is real. Now the next thing we may ask is why talk about Heaven which is something so far from reality when there are enough things in this life to worry about?

Heaven is not only a remote idea or something so far from reality. Since Heaven is real we have to orient our daily lives to this goal.

Our life on earth is not detached from our eternal destiny. Our earthly tasks reflect what we believe to be our ultimate goal. If you set your goal on something false, you will waste your entire life in meaningless pursuits. That is why we must find out whether there is Heaven. If Heaven is real, then we have to orient our daily lives to this goal.

The belief in Heaven actually makes a direct positive impact in this life. A believer who looks forward to Heaven brings blessings to others because they obey God’s command to love others as themselves. While God’s promises may pertain to the life to come, God’s commandments are for this life, not the after life. Our belief in Heaven does not detract from our present responsibilities. On the contrary, it motivates us to make a difference on earth.

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Heaven is real

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