Question: How Do We Know The Bible Is God’s Words? Is the Bible true?

How Do We Know The Bible is God’s Words?

No work of literature written over thousands of years by over thirty writers from various walks of life can deliver a coherent and consistent message.
The Bible does.
No storybook has the authority to make claims about heaven and hell or to make promises concerning life after death.
The Bible does.
No ordinary book could have accurately made so many prophecies about events in human history and about the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
The Bible has.

The Bible deals with the basic problems of human life and points to a single solution: Salvation through Jesus Christ. Who else but God has the perspective and authority to inspire such a book? The Bible was penned by humans; God revealed its contents.

Is the Bible True?

Consider these:
The writers of the Bible claimed to be inspired by God and that their writings are the very words of God. To see whether these claims are trustworthy, we need to examine the evidence and test whether the Bible as a whole is reliable and carries divine authority

1. There is unity
The Bible was written over a span of 1,500 years by about 40 authors from various walks of life. Despite its great diversity, the Bible delivers a coherent and consistent message. From Genesis to Revelation, we see the gradual unfolding of God’s salvation plan. Although the Bible contains teachings on
hundreds of controversial subjects, there are no contradictions among the various authors. Together, the Bible offers us definite answers to our most basic questions: Where are we from? Where do we go after death? How can we know and be reconciled with our Creator? The amazing unity of the Bible tells us that it is God’s Words and it was God who inspired and oversaw the writing of the books in the Bible.

2. There are historical and geographical accuracy
Modern archeological findings have confirmed the accuracy of the people, places, and historical events recorded in the Bible. Time and again, archeological evidence has disproved the claims of critics who believed many of the Biblical accounts to be errors or myths. Until today, new discoveries continue to affirm rather than discredit the Bible. Consequently, the Bible’s reliability reveals to us that its claim to divine origin is trustworthy.

3. There is prophetic accuracy
“The Bible itself offers the standards by which to test those who claim to speak authoritatively about the future. It says in Deuteronomy 18:20-22 that the test of a prophet’s authority is the accuracy of his predictions. The Bible contains hundreds of prophecies, so we can measure it by its own test…. Whenever the Bible speaks prophetically, therefore, it is accurate. Hundreds of prophecies have been literally fulfilled. On this basis, we can also believe what the Bible has to say about things to come. It has already proven itself !”

4. There is scientific accuracy
Although the Bible is not a book about science, its scientific accuracy confirms that the author of the Bible is also the creator and ruler of this universe. Many of the statements in the Bible were confirmed by scientific discoveries hundreds or thousands of years after the time of their writing.
(E.g. a spherical earth (Isa 40:22); earth suspended in space (Job 26:7); the stars uncountable (Jer 33:22)).

5. There is fulfillment of promises
Through the Bible, God has offered many promises to those who believe and obey him. Today, we can experience these blessings when we put the words of the Bible into practice. For examples, believers today still receive the Holy Spirit just as the apostles did thousands of years ago. Through prayers in faith, demons are cast out, the sick are healed, and even the dead are raised. In our daily lives, we experience the Lord’s guidance and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. In difficult times, we receive comfort, strength, peace, and joy. All of these are the fulfillment of the Bible’s promises to believers.

If we are still not sure of the answers above on “How Do We Know The Bible Is God’s Words? Is The Bible True?”

– search the bible more deeply
– pray with faith and humility for the guidance of the Holy Spirit

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Is the bible true

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