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Question: Some say Hell is what you make it to mislead people? Is Hell real?

Some say Hell is what you make it to mislead people.  Is Hell real?

Some say Hell is what you make it to make kids behave. Does Hell really exist?

The arguments for the existence of Hell are similar in nature to the arguments for the existence of Heaven.

To test whether Hell exists, we need to examine whether our sources of information—the Bible and Jesus Christ—are trustworthy

Some say Hell is what you make it by which God forces people to believe in Him. Such a threat robs people of their freedom of choice. People should be given the choice to reject God without fearing the fires of Hell. Is Hell a scare tactic?

Hell is not a scare tactic that God uses to pressure people into believing in him. God did not invent Hell to scare us. Hell is simply reality. If anyone does not want to be with God, that’s what he will get—separation from God. There is no other alternative. Seeing the reality of Hell for what it is doesn’t rob us of the freedom of choice because we can still choose to reject God. On the contrary, it helps us make an informed decision. Out of his love for us, God wants us to see the dreadful nature of sin and come to Christ for forgiveness.

If God knew that some would go to Hell, why did he still allow them to be born into the world? He could have stopped them from even being conceived.

If God allows only those who choose heaven to be born, he is taking away free will because those who would choose to sin are not even given the freedom to live, not to mention the freedom to choose.

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Hell is what you make it or is it real?

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