Question: The Bible doesn’t make sense, isn’t it?

The Bible doesn’t make sense, isn’t it?

Just because we can’t appreciate an abstract painting doesn’t make it any less meaningful. Just because a foreign language seems like gibberish doesn’t mean that it is.

The same goes with the Bible. Using limited human vocabulary to describe profound spiritual truth, the Bible may at first appear to be incomprehensible. However, because God inspired it, he will help us understand it if we read it prayerfully and reverently.

Many assume that the Bible is full of contradictions and doesn’t make sense, but never examine whether this charge is true. When we examine these so called “contradictions” or “errors”, we realize that they are only apparent. For example, while two Bible passages may record the same event with varying details or from different perspectives, the accounts do not contradict each other.

“Not every biblical discrepancy has been resolved. But the direction of the evidence is very encouraging. As biblical scholarship increases and our knowledge of language, text and context increases, the problem of discrepancy becomes smaller and smaller. There is less reason today to believe that the Bible is full of contradictions than at any time in the history of the church.

It is not true that the Bible doesn’t make sense…

Reading the Bible is different from reading any other book because it is the word of God set before us concretely. Through the Bible, God shows us who he is and how he saves us. God’s own words give us life, and that’s how the Bible can change us profoundly.

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The bible makes sense

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