Question: What are the differences in the terms for the laws in the Bible?

The old laws were preached through Moses (Jn 1:17), beginning at Mount Sinai (Ex 19). The new covenant came, from the birth of Jesus, marked the new era of grace.
The old laws were partially adopted and partially abolished (Lk 16:17; Heb 7:18).

“Law” is a general reference, which includes “commands,” “ordinances” and “precepts.”

1. Commands (moral): the Ten Commandments (Ex 20:1-17) are the highest standards for laws, not the smallest letter and not the least stroke of a pen will disappear from the Law (Mt 5:17-18).

2. Ordinances (ceremonial): they governed the social life of Israelites which established their relationships (Ex 21:1; 24:11).

3. Precepts (religious): they stipulated the religious life of Israelites (Ex 24:11; 31:18) which later became the doctrines and regulations of the Jewish religion (Gal 1:14; Acts 28:17).

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Laws in the Bible

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