Question: What are the works of angels?

What are the works of angels?

Does the Bible record of angels appearing to men and speaking to them?
There are many records. For example:

-Angels foretold of the calamity to befall Sodom (Gen 18-19) and of the birth of Samson (Judg 13:3).
-Angels opposed Balaam (Num 22:31) and helped Joshua (Josh 5:13-14), punished the Israelites (2 Sam 24:16-17), revealed to Daniel (Dan 9:21), announced the birth of John (Lk 1:11) and the birth of Jesus (Lk 1:26).
-Angels also declared the resurrection and ascension of Jesus as well as his second coming (Jn 20:13; Acts 1:10-11).
-They delivered Peter from the prison (Acts 12:7,11), guided Cornelius (Acts 10:30), consoled Paul (Acts 27:23-24) and guided John (Rev 22:8).

Works of angels in heaven

  • Standing before God (1 Kings 22:19);
  • Doing God’s will (Ps 103:19-20);
  • Praising God (Ps 148:2; Isa 6:3; Job 34:7);
  • Worshipping Jesus (Phil 2:10; Heb 1:6);
  • Defeating devils (Rev 12:7-8);
  • Looking into salvation (1 Pet 1:12).

Works of angels to believers on earth

  • Watching the words and deeds of saints (1 Cor 4:9);
  • Ministering to the saints (Heb 1:14);
  • Helping saints forward (1 Kings 19:5);
  • Protecting stumbling saints (Ps 91:11-12; Ex 23:20);
  • Delivering saints from dangers (Dan 6:22; Ps 30:47);
  • Teaching secrets to the saints (Dan 8:19, 9:21-22);
  • Comforting saints when they are afraid (Acts 27:23-24);
  • Guiding saints in their service (Acts 8:26);
  • Strengthening saints (Lk 22:43);
  • Delivering the souls of saints (Lk 16:22).

Are there any other special works of angels?

  • Yes-
    Teaching God’s law to men (Acts 7:53; Heb 2:2; Gal 3:19);
    Executing punishment on evil men against God (Acts 12:23; I Kings 19:35).

Works of angels in the future

In the future, angels will descend with Jesus on clouds from heaven (Mt 25:31-32; 2 Thess 1:7). At the end of the world, angels will be sent to gather God’s chosen people (Mt 24:30-31). They will weed out from the heavenly kingdom all who do evil (Mt 13:41,49) and will bind Satan (Rev 20:1-2).

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