Evangelism Week 2011 (TJC Adam / TK / SBW) Special Service

Special Service

Evangelism Week 2011 (TJC Adam / TK / SBW) Special Service

2011 布道周 (亚当路 / 直落古楼 / 三巴旺) 特别聚会

Date: 10th to 17th Sept

Special Service Topics Covered:

– From Faith to Faith (Pr Chin AQ)
– Paul’s missionary journey (Pr Simon Chin)
– Saved out of the fire (Pr Barnabas Chong)
– Chinese folk religions (Pr Chin AQ)
– The Sabbath under crossfire (Pr Silas Kong)
– Is speaking in tongues the evidence of receiving the Holy Spirit? (Pr Barnabas Chong)
– Buddhism and Christianity (Pr Peter Shee)

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