Jesus will descend from heaven to judge all people

Jesus Will Descend From Heaven…

Jesus will Descend from Heaven to Judge All Man

Do you believe the 2nd coming of the Lord and Jesus will descend from Heaven to Judge all man?

The following is a sermon transcription that will hopefully help you to understand from the Bible that Jesus will descend from Heaven to judge all man.

Jesus Will Descend From Heaven To Judge All Man

(adapted from a sermon by Pr Peter Shee)

As the millennium approached, many people tried to predict and preach about the coming of Christ by playing up the urgency of what they called the “Doomsday events”.  Some even claimed to have seen visions on the year that Christ would come again. This, however, is not what God had intended.  He intended for us to live a life in anticipation of His 2nd coming without fear or anxiety. How then should we face the coming of our Lord Jesus? What should we do to prepare for the Day of Judgment? Let us examine our ten articles of faith and their original purpose.

The ten articles of faith can be divided into three broad themes:

  1. There will be a last day of the world
  2. Jesus will descend from heaven
  3. All man will be judged

There will be a Last Day of the World

Everything has its own life span. Things that we see or buy appear new initially. But after a certain period of usage, these things start to deteriorate. For example, the light bulbs that we use eventually stop lighting up after some time. Some may question whether a day will come when the sun stops giving off light and heat. Will the day come when the earth stops orbiting? In fact, the earth’s rotation has slowed down and we know that all these will happen. This suggests that all the activities and life-form in the entire world will one day cease.  This day is the last day of the world.

2 Pet 3:7, 10 and 12 tell us that the universe is kept and preserved by the word of God for heaven and earth is created by God.  However, one day God will command its functions to cease.  On the Day of Judgment, fire will burn up the entire universe; all the elements in its physical forms will be melted and destroyed. Only the spiritual forms will not melt away for the souls cannot be consumed by fire.  But our physical bodies and all that we own will become nothing.

How possible do we think this is?  There are people who do not believe that the universe will die one day. Others choose not to believe.  Their belief, or disbelief rather, stem from 2 Pet 3:3-4 which seems to suggest that everything is the same or even better than before.  Everything is still as peaceful. But is this really true?  Do we not see the wickedness and evil around us today that is worse than that of old?  Do we not see more natural calamities happening so very more often than before?  As verse 5 points out, we choose to overlook these signs as we willfully forget that God once flooded the earth because of its sins. With the increase in wickedness, there is all the more reason now for God to use fire to consume the world.

No one knows when the Last Day will come. Although God has granted us the wisdom to discern the signs of the last days, we will not know the exact day of His coming.  The latest claim that God will come again in 2012 is a false revelation.  The bible clearly states that no one will know the day of God’s coming.  Both Peter and Paul (in the books of Thessalonians) said that the coming of the Lord is likened to a thief; we will not know the day or time when he will strike.  However, our Lord is not a thief.  We need not be anxious, for when He comes, it is with a good cause for all His believers.  Jesus told His people not to sorrow for He has prepared a place for them. When this place is ready, He will come to bring them there.  Therefore, the coming of the Lord should bring us comfort and not anxiety.  Though heaven and earth will be destroyed, we need not fear.

2 Pet 3:13 also tells us that when the heaven and earth passes over, there will be a new one for us to look forward to. This is a promise and a hope for us.  When we have hope, anxieties do not fill our hearts.  There is one thing we need to be attentive to in this verse: “the home of righteousness”, which means that only the righteous will dwell in this place. Where righteousness dwells, righteous men can be found. These are people who uphold righteousness and will not harm others. The big question is: Are we righteous enough to receive the new heaven and earth prepared for us? Should we be anxious?

If we are told to remove our clothes now because a set of clothing has already been tailored made for us and ready for us to put on, should we be frightened or anxious? Conversely, if everyone has had clothes tailor made for them, but there is nothing made for us, should we be anxious? The crucial question to ask now is whether we are righteous. If we are righteous people, there is no need for us to fear or be anxious because there is a new heaven and earth prepared for us.

Knowing that one day, this earth we dwell in will no longer exist, what sort of preparations should we make when facing judgment day? Nowadays, many people are going around with the slogan, “Let’s save the earth!” Yes, we should do our part to conserve the earth.  However, believers of the Lord are not “saviors” of the earth. Rather, our goal is to save the people of the earth and ourselves. In 2 Pet 3:11-14, we are instructed to be holy and pure, to look forward to and hasten the coming of the day of God, and to be diligent.  Are our hearts diligent in pursuing holiness?  Are we determined in our faith?  We may find ourselves unable to live out these commands. Yet our states of minds are like that of the people mentioned in verse 3, thinking that all is well and peaceful.

How is it that we are not diligent? It is because we do not see the coming of our Lord Jesus as a fact. Our hearts are not diligent in preparedness to receive the Lord.  In fact, we do not believe the truth in the coming of Christ. We continue to live our life according to our fleshly desires. We have been warned in verse 17 to beware for we are riding against the tides. If we do not put in effort, even the little goodness that is already in us will soon be lost. We must therefore gear up and be watchful, especially more so in this generation, where there is more evil than before. As parents, we need to teach our children in the ways of our Lord at home. In church, religious class teachers need to prepare the young. At our workplace, we must uphold godly principles. For if we do not flee from “Babylon” we will be destroyed together with “Babylon”.


Jesus Will Descend From Heaven

Acts 1:9-11 records that when Lord Jesus died, He died in the flesh.  When He resurrected, His resurrected body could be seen, and touched. He was raised up to heaven in this miraculous body. When Jesus comes again, He will descend from heaven in the same manner as He was raised. We read in Rev 1:7 about Jesus coming with the clouds and being seen by every eye.  There are at least 7 such records in the bible of Jesus’ appearance in His coming; Titus 2:13 talks about His ‘glorious appearing”. Obviously, His coming is something that can be seen and heard. 1 Thess 4:16 describes “the sounding of trumpets and shouts of the archangels at the coming of the Lord”.  The Lord’s coming shall be a grand event accompanied by glorious sight and sounds.

As recorded in 1 Jn 3:2, another reason for Jesus’ coming in appearance is for us to be like Him for we shall see Him as He is.  Jesus appearing is something we can see, an event we can hear. What is our response to this? What sort of reactions should we have? Titus 2:13-14 encourage us to hope and wait for we have a goal to achieve at the end. In 2 Tim 4:8, Paul describes his anticipation at receiving a crown of righteousness; so will we.  Unless we have not walked His path, fought the fight or kept the faith, otherwise we will definitely receive a crown of righteousness. We long for the coming of the Lord.  We will not desert the battle or lose our faith because of our love for God and the knowledge of His appearing.  Only with such deep love can we be strengthened in our faith.  We long to see Him and this longing will allow us to persevere in this wait. On the contrary, non-believers and the anti-Christ will fear and tremble at His appearance.

Disciples in the early days witnessed Jesus with their physical eyes. They could not bear for Him to depart. The gospel of John recorded that Jesus comforted, stressing that His departure was for their sake and only for a little while.  He would come in the form of the Holy Spirit and again in the last day.  Let us consider our own attitude towards this. Jesus’ disciples could not bear to leave Him; what about us? We have never seen Him before, so perhaps we may treat the coming of the Lord Jesus as though it were a common thing. Sometimes we may feel excited when we hear about the Lord’s coming during sermons, but this feeling subsides when we depart. Why does this happen? Do we really rejoice in our anticipation of Jesus’ coming?  Although we have not seen Him in His physical form like the apostles did, have we established a relationship with Him in the Holy Spirit?


All Man Will Be Judged

We know from 2 Tim 4:1 that God will judge all man, both living and dead, at His appearing. All the dead will be given up to stand before God (Rev 20:12-13).  The living can be classified into those who are physically alive and those who are spiritually alive. The dead can also be classified into those who are dead physically and those who are dead spiritually.  This is why our Lord Jesus said, “Let the dead bury the dead.”

What will it be like when our Lord Jesus comes? John 5:28-29 tells us that all who have died physically will be resurrected, even the evil. The good shall be resurrected to eternal life while the evil condemned and made to face their second death by eternal fire. This destruction is a fiery vengeance of God (2 Thess 1:8-9).

When Jesus comes again to judge the world, there will be 4 scenarios (1 Cor 15:51-52):

  1. Those spiritually and physically alive shall be transformed and taken up to heaven.
  2. Those spiritually alive but physically dead shall be resurrected and transformed.
  3. Those spiritually dead and physically dead shall be resurrected and made to face judgment.
  4. Those spiritually dead but physically alive shall be judged and condemned to eternal fire; after the physical body has been burnt up with fire, the spiritual body will also be burnt up then.

The evil (1 Pet 4:5) and all man (Rom 14:10-12) will have to account for all the deeds in their life.  This tells us that as Christians, we must love one another. We cannot oppress another because the Lord Jesus will be judging us as well. He will question why we have not shown love towards our brethren and ask why we not only lack love for our brethren, but even harm them. Therefore all believers, whether living or dead, will be judged by Jesus on our conduct and righteousness.  When we are brought before the judgment throne of God, we will be “naked and open” (Heb 4:13).  Everything in us will be spilled out and emptied before Him.  Nothing shall be hidden.  Would we then be frightened? In the beginning, Adam and Eve were not afraid of being naked and open before God and God knew them through and through.  However, they grew frightened of Him after they disobeyed His command and sinned against Him.

The end of all things is at hand (1 Pet 4:7-8).  Therefore, be vigilant and sober.  Rewards and punishments are in the hands of God (Rev 22:11-15).  Jesus will descend from Heaven. He will come very soon, because the end of all things is at hand. Are we prepared?

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