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Seeing God in a Volatile World

Seeing God in a Volatile World

Are you successful in seeking for the True God? The following is a sermon transcription that explain what is seeing God in this volatile world.

Seeing God in a Volatile World

(adapted from a sermon by Pr Wu Hao)

1900 years ago, Jesus had prophesied what the world in the end times would be like.

When Jesus’ disciples asked Him about the signs of end times, He told them that there would be false prophets preaching heresies, starvation, diseases and wars amongst nations (Matthew 24:3). Indeed generations after generations, nations are fighting against each other. There has never been any absolute real peace in the world.

Many countries e.g. North Korea have secretly developed powerful weapons and missiles, capable of firing from space and, can reach nations as far as the United States and Europe. Much fear is instilled in people but who can really stand up as a “big brother” to stop such destructive mindsets and actions.

Not long ago, a Category 3 super storm swept across many parts of the US and has even caused a disease epidemic in Haiti. In our modern world, many highly infectious diseases have already been eradicated by modern medicine yet the disease in Haiti has claimed 8,000 lives.

A recent typhoon in the Philippines has destroyed ten thousand homes and killed many. Survivors of this disaster have to continue their daily lives in the midst of dead bodies lying in the streets.

Our neighbouring countries, Thailand and Myanmar, are currently under political and religious unrests. It is difficult to find a peaceful place on earth. These speak true of the prophesies of Jesus on the signs of end times.

The volatilities of the world have stirred up much tension and conflicts in the hearts of men. As such, many become concerned with the unrests and conflicts around the world but how many are as concerned with the unrests in their hearts?

The second most terrible shooting incident in the US has claimed many young innocent lives. What can be done to help the killer who obviously has psychological problems? Are there any concerns for his emotional and mental well being?

Though the world is seemingly advancing towards greater civilization, people are getting more technology savvy but more detached from his environment. Technology has created a new generation of “heads-bowing” and non-verbal communicative people. They are obsessed with gadgets such as the smart phones and tablets. Most of the time, their heads are bowed and engrossed in their gadgets. They are oblivious to the world around them.


Once, a prospective employer came up with an innovative idea to weed out unsuitable candidates during an interview. While waiting to be interviewed, candidates’ behaviour was observed through a CCTV and those who hardly raised their heads up from their electronic gadgets or did not notice the office cleaner or showed little patience and consideration, were eliminated . Their interviews later were merely done out of formality.

The greatest unrest to a man is illnesses. Many people suffer from depression. Studies have shown that one out of six people suffers from depression and a quarter of these are severe cases. The world is unbalanced and many people are in distressed.

Job who as a righteous and God fearing man, yet he lost his senses at one stage, when he is suffering from misfortunes and diseases inflicted by the devil. He too became unbalanced and is filled with bitterness. Illnesses can strike man most severely.

Jesus tells us in John 16:33 that we will suffer tribulations in this world because this world is not great. From the bible, the world is becoming more evil. People will deliberately refuse to know God (Romans 1:28). They do not fear God (Romans 3:18).

Indeed many people do not fear God as they believe that God does not exist! Some temples in Taiwan are heavily secured by huge locks and gates as many had thieves broken in to steal the gold chains and pendants hanging on the idols. The thieves have no fear of God and they rob the temples. They even cart off the entire offering box. The worst of unbelievers are those mentioned in 2nd Thessalonians 2:4. These are the ones who oppose God and claim themselves to be God. They place utmost importance in their power and wealth and therefore exalt themselves. They make themselves God-alike and even forced others to worship them and immortalized themselves in death.

The hearts of man are volatile. Who can have real peace? A man who has real peace can face calamities in his life with calm and sensibility. Look at the chest players and you can notice that they are very calm. They know what the next step is. I’m very impressed with them because every step is taken only after a long consideration. The same is also true about the archers. While taking aim, he kept himself still except his beating heart. . He has to be focused and remain calm in order to hit the bull’s eye. Only the whishing sound of the passing arrow can be heard. If a person is in constant unrest, he would not be able to make sensible decisions.

The world is full of volatilities and the unexpected. Who can know about tomorrow? One day, Thailand may snow, Myanmar may experience earthquakes and even Malaysia and Singapore may not be spared from natural calamities! How can we be at rest in face of such unpredictability?

Believers of God have faith and hope (Hebrew 6:19). The anchor of our faith is in Jesus. Jesus gives us the greatest power and guarantee. In the history of mankind, no one is able to overcome death except our Lord Jesus. Although He has made three men come back to life, they still died at a later stage. Only Jesus has resurrected and ascended to heaven. He is interceding for all and prepares a place for us in heaven. We believe in the power of God for He has overcome the world (John 16:33). Every Christian has a hope for glory in heaven and this hope is very real.

My student once had a vision and in that vision he saw that I have a beautiful house in heaven. When my mother passed away , a relative who is a non-believer, saw in a vision that my mother was being taken away by the angels. The same vision was witnessed by my third sister-in-law. My family was greatly comforted by their witnessing. Truly, Heaven exists.

If we believe in God and understand His words in the Scriptures, He will prepare a place for us in Heaven. When we have this hope and faith in God, regardless of the volatilities in the world, we can rest in the comfort of our Lord and our hearts be strengthened. When we return to rest in Heaven, we shall be saved (Isaiah 30:5). We shall receive strength in quietness and peace.


Everyone has a story to tell. Some are related to thanksgiving and peace while others bear much bitterness and helplessness.

How would yours be told?

Have you ever receive peace and quietness in your heart?

God is always with us with the hope that we will come before His presence. He said, “Come to me, those who are heavy laden”, and we shall receive rest.

God loves and cherishes us. We can talk to Him through our prayers. God knows what we need. In the gospel of Matthew, it says that before we even ask, the Heavenly Father already knows what we need. In our daily lives, we are able to see God and we are able to talk to Him anytime. So I really hope that our friends and truth seekers can continue to come and search for the truth. If you believe in God and has received Him, God will be in your heart. He is around you and He listens to your cries at all times. Even though this world will come to an end one day and it is full of unrest, we have the hope of eternal life.

In the past, we’re like drifters in the sea but if we allow our hearts to be opened to Jesus and put our anchor of faith in Him, He will personally guide us on this journey to know Him. Peace and grace will continually be granted to us in spite of what we may face in this world of volatility.

All glory be given to God in Heaven and may peace, grace and blessings be given to all men.

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