Who Is The True God?

Who is the True God

The following is a sermon transcription that will hopefully help you to understand from the Bible who this True God is.

Who Is The True God?

(by Pr Chin Aun Quek)

The question “Who is the true God?” is a very sensitive question that many want to avoid. However, it’s an important question we all face. We often question the authenticity of something since there are increasingly more phony items available. For example, if we ended up with a counterfeit note, we would have made a loss just by not verifying its authenticity. Similarly, our health might be at risk if we ended up taking a counterfeit drug.

When we hear the true God preached alongside a false god and we choose to worship the false god, we end up offending the true God. The consequence of worshipping the false god is unrest whereas the true God brings blessings. Just having the heart to worship God is not enough – we must worship the true God.

Who is the true God?

Each of us might claim that the god we believe in is true and be able to support our belief using logic. While it may seem reasonable, the truth is hard to determine where there is subjectivity. Just who is reasonable? A judgment should be based on objective reasoning. In 1 Cor 8:4-6, Paul pointed out the many gods on earth and in heaven worshipped by many people. Are there really so many gods on earth and in heaven? Even though they are referred to as gods, they are not the true God. In a Chinese mythology titled “The Making of the Chinese Pantheon”, we read that the title of god is conferred upon war heroes who died in battles by men. Since they are titles conferred by men, it is right to say that these are not gods. Paul says there is only one true God. What would we think when we hear this from Paul? Would we see it as an offense to all worshippers of gods? Would we find such a teaching too narrow-minded and self-righteous? How difficult is it for a multi-cultural society to accept the teaching of the one true God?

There are unchanging truths which we abide by regardless of the country we live in, the race we belong to, even simple ones like the answer to 1+1. We would probably correct a person who claims that the answer is 3. But is the teaching of the one true God a truth? If it is a truth, who says it is so? Who has the authority to make such a claim? Was Paul the one?

We know it is the truth because it did not come from man’s thinking, but through a revelation from God to His people directly. In fact, God wrote the Ten Commandments, with the first commandment stating that we shall worship the one true God. We have been instructed to abide by this truth that besides Him, there is no other god. In Mark 12:28-31, Lord Jesus gave the believers a very clear answer to their discussion about which commandment was the most important one. He said that the Lord our God is one, we must love Him with all our heart, all our soul, and all our mind. This is the first commandment about which believers of God must be clear; there is only one God and we must worship the true God.


According to a recent study in 2000 on religion, Christians, including the Roman Catholics comprise 33.05% of the world’s population, while Muslims comprise 19.97% and Buddhists 5.92%. Both Christianity and Islam believe in the one true God, which means that if we were to combine these two groups, more than half of the world’s population believes in one true God. Therefore do not be mistaken into thinking that only Christians believe in this, or that only a minority of narrow-minded Christians believe in this. The concept of the one true God is a truth revealed by God to His believers, which tell us that we ought to worship the one true God.

Who is this one true God? He is none other than Jesus Christ. Wasn’t Jesus a Jew and his mother Mary?  Why do we call him the true God?  Who says that He is the true God and is this source reliable?

The fact that Jesus is God was not revealed by any man but by Jesus himself.  During His ministry, as recorded in John 8:56-59, He healed and cast out demons.  He spoke about loving God and loving man, which were teachings well accepted by the masses.  However, He also uttered things which many found strange. When He spoke about how “your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day”, people who heard to it were puzzled, because Abraham had lived 2,000 years before Christ; how was it possible that Abraham could have rejoiced to see the day of Jesus?  These people wondered and questioned Jesus about how he could have seen Abraham since he was not even 50. Jesus’ reply startled them so much so that they wanted to stone him.  What did Jesus say that angered them so?  “Most assuredly I say to you, before Abraham was, I am!” meaning that Jesus existed before Abraham. In the original language, the phrase “I am” means self-existence.  To the Jews, His proclamation meant that He claimed He is God.

God not only revealed Himself as the one true God to the Jews, He also revealed that He self-exists (“I am”) through Moses to the Israelites (Exodus 3:13-14). Moses then asked a very important question on behalf of all mankind,”If there is a true God, who is this True God? How am I to answer the rest of the people? What is His name?” God answered, “I am who I am. And you shall say to the children of Israel, ‘I am has sent me to you.’” From the answers God gave Moses, we now understand that “I am” refers to God Himself. It refers to the one who is self-existing.

Many non-Christians like to ask if God had created man, who then created God?  They feel a little triumph to see Christians stumped by this question.  However, it is not that there is no answer. Rather, if such a line of questioning were to be pursued, there can be no end to it, as inevitably, the assumption is the creator of God would have had to be created by another and there can be no end to the question.  The self-existence of God is not a theory designed by man but an answer given by God through His revelation to Moses. Jesus also claimed that He is God and supported the claim with evidence that He also have the authority of God. The Israelites were naturally shocked at such a claim for the God whom they believed in is in Heaven and Jesus is obviously a man living in their midst. Yet He dared claim to be God. According to the Jewish religious law, any man who makes such outrageous claims ought to be stoned; this explained why they were so bold as to take up the stone against Him. However Jesus did not merely make a claim. He manifested the authority of God such that it is hard for the masses to deny that He is God when they witnessed the authority of God by His deeds.


How did Jesus manifest the authority of a True God?

1. Jesus has authority over heaven and earth. People marveled at the miracle recorded in Luke 8:22-25.  Even today, we are still amazed by it. Current advancement in science and technology allows us to predict when the coming of storms but no technology has the ability to stop a storm from approaching. Yet the winds and waves listened to the command of Jesus and all who witnessed asked, “Who can this be that even the winds and waves obey him?”

Jesus is no ordinary man; He is God from heaven who came in the flesh.  He is the Lord of the heavens and earth, which explains why He has such supreme authority. Today, if you were to go on an expedition into the mountains and see a house standing there, you would not assume that the house naturally appeared there on its own. Neither would you think that the animals built it for they do not possess the necessary wisdom and ability to build it. You would conclude that it must have been built by someone because the house is the evidence of it.  Likewise, in Rom 1:20, Paul tells us the existence of heaven and the earth testifies the existence of God. When Jesus exercised his authority over the winds and the waves, we know that He is the creator and the Lord of heaven and earth.

2. Jesus has authority over life (John 11:25). No one else would dare to make such a claim. We have life but we are not the maker of life and destiny. We would never dare to declare “I am the resurrection and the life”.  Yet Jesus claimed that He is the Lord of life.  He manifested a miracle following his statement to prove His authority over life. He brought a man who had been dead and buried for 4 days back to life (Jn 11:39-44). Even Lazarus’ sister did not believe anything could be done for her brother who had died for days. But Jesus performed this miracle. This miracle allowed all who witnessed it to know that Jesus is the Lord of life and He is the one who created the first generation of mankind, Adam and Eve.

He is the one who grants life to mankind and commanded man to pass life on to the next generation.  Man is given only the ability to procreate but not the ability to create life.  Life also did not begin from apes as the theory of evolution suggests. Evolution is unable to answer the origin of life itself. How did this life come to be from nothing? Evolutionists may know there is life, but they do not know how it came about.

The bible gives us this answer – life began with the true God. God is the Lord of life.  The Lord of life entered into the history of mankind by coming in the flesh and becoming a man. He is able to claim that He is the Lord of life. He also uses His authority to bring the dead man back to life, proving that He is, indeed, the Lord of life.

In the past, we may not know who the true God is.  Now we have an objective understanding of the true God as the creator of heaven and earth. The true God is the Lord of life who has given us life. Therefore, it is only reasonable for man to worship this God. This true God is Jesus.

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