Question: How can we understand God or know Him?

How can we understand God or know Him?

Yes as human beings, we have limitations, meaning that God will transcend our complete understanding in this lifetime (Job 36:26; 1 Cor 13:12). Nevertheless, He has given us sufficient evidence to enable us to find Him and to reach out to Him (Acts 17:27). Moreover, in our faith journey, we can grow to know Him better by relying on His wisdom and revelation (Hos 6:3; Eph 1:17).

When we experience God with us, we will have so much to share about how much we understand God and who He is. However many of us are so focus in our lives that we may not have realise His abidance with us. Who is this God and is He gracious to me? Let us find out more about the attributes of God today.

To conclude, here’s a passage on God’s grace and blessing that you can take away today:

Numbers 6:24-26 – “The LORD bless you, and keep you; The LORD make His face shine on you, And be gracious to you. The LORD lift up His countenance on you, And give you peace.”

Let us give our blessing to each other with the contents of the book of Numbers.

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