Question: Science and Religion

Science and Religion

Science has made religion obsolete. There is neither any reason to believe in God today, nor any need for religion. The question is, did we really came about by chance?

Science and Religion: What is the purpose of science?

If we say the whole world was the result of random changes, then no empirical evidence, or science, could ever prove it. Indeed, if everything came about by chance, then what would be the purpose of science?

Science and Religion: What meaning would there be to life?

There are even darker ramifications to this question. If our mind were just an accidental result of chemical reactions, then it would be no more significant than a clod of dirt. Could we then rely on any of our observations, our thoughts, or our feelings? If we came about by chance, if there is no overarching purpose to existence, then what meaning would there be to life?

Science and Religion: How can human life have meaning?

We may exult in the ability to “shape our own significance,” but what guarantee do we have of actually doing that, if life ultimately were nothing more than randomly moving particles? If our desires determine or justify all things, then what makes killing worse than blinking, or love better than hate? In a universe caused by chance, we are reduced to characters in an absurdist play, and the actions we judge to be deeply meaningful become, in the cosmic perspective, equivalent to tossing a ball, kicking a rock, or otherwise passing the time of day. Without God, how can human life have meaning?

Science and Religion explore reality from different perspectives.

We use the word “chance” to describe an event when we can’t see an obvious pattern. But we shouldn’t rule out the possibility that someday we may discover a pattern. Applying the label “chance” to something certainly doesn’t deny a divine cause or purpose. Rather, it’s actually an indication that we can’t figure out everything by ourselves.

Science and religion explore reality from different perspectives. Science studies how things work, but religion seeks also their origin and meaning. While science allows us to learn about God’s creation, it can’t answer the questions, why is the universe here?, why do we exist?, and what is our destiny? These are issues beyond the scope of science, but answered by religion.

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Science and Religion

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