Question: What Are Our After Life Beliefs?

What Are Our After Life Beliefs?

After Life Beliefs can be discussed in 2 aspects:

Part 1: Heaven

Is it true that Heaven is only wishful thinking and human invention, and there is no scientific evidence for heaven?

1. Not everything can be proved with methods known to science today. For example, can you show someone your love with scientific evidence? Since our scientific knowledge is limited, we cannot use it as the ultimate authority.
2. Is there any scientific evidence that proves the assumption that whatever cannot be proven by science does not exist? If even this assumption cannot be proven by science, why do you believe it?

The role of Bible and Jesus in After Life Beliefs

1. To find out whether heaven is real, we need to find out whether the Bible and Jesus are true because they both teach us about heaven.
If the Bible is indeed God’s word and if Jesus is indeed Lord and Savior , then heaven must be real.
2. We know that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead because he answers our prayers and pours out his Holy Spirit as he has promised. Since we know that Christ has risen and gone to heaven, we know that heaven is real.
3. The argument that heaven does not exist because we want it so much is fallacious. If this reasoning is true, it could work the other way, too (i.e. because you don’t want heaven to exist, heaven must be real because your wishful thinking has to be false). To refute an idea, we should provide solid evidence instead of simply calling it wishful thinking.

Spiritual Body
Heaven is too “spiritual” and boring. How can you be happy there if you do nothing but worship all day?
“Boredom” is simply another label for the spiritual emptiness in human beings as a result of alienation from God. When we go to heaven, we will not be in our present earthly bodies.
The spiritual bodies we will have will be marvelously different. We cannot project our fleshly limitations unto the glorious spiritual state in heaven. The joy of being with the Lord in heaven is “far better” than anything we can experience on earth (Phil 1:23).
It is no wonder that Peter, who had but a glimpse of the Christ in glory during Jesus’ transfiguration, desired to remain on the mountain (Mt 17:1-4).

Joy of Heaven – Eternal Joy vs Earthly Joy
1. We may think that without earthly pleasures, heaven will be dull. But what our flesh enjoys on earth will seem childish when we are in our spiritual bodies in heaven. As adults, we don’t even think about the toys we “couldn’t live without” when we were children. Likewise, when we are in heaven, we will “put away childish things” (1Cor 13:9-12).
The perfect eternal joy will replace the short-lived earthly joys.
2. As believers who have “tasted the heavenly gift” and “become partakers of the Holy Spirit” (Heb 6:4), we know from our personal experience that the joy of spiritual communion with the Lord far surpasses any earthly pleasure. It is no wonder that Paul would rather choose to be with Christ.
Even though we have not fully experienced the joy of heaven, our foretaste of God’s immense love through the Holy Spirit (Rom 5:5; 2Cor 1:21-22) tells us that heaven is anything but boring.

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