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Question: What are the facts about angels in the bible?

What are angels?

  • Angels are angels of God (Lk 15:10) who live in heaven and often see God (Mt 18:10).
  • They are also called “messengers from heaven” (Mt 22:30; Mk 13:32) or God’s mighty ones and servants (Ps 103:20-21).

Where do they come from?

Angels were created by God (Ps 148:2-5): They existed long before the beginning of mankind who were then called “the sons of God.” (Job 38:6-7).

Are angels real? Are they like us? Would you be interested to know more facts about angels especially from the bible? Let us continue…

1) Some facts about angels: Angels are spirits in service (Heb 1:14)

They are spiritual, and bodies are different from men.
They do not die, nor do they marry or bear children (Mt 22:30; Lk 20:35-36).
They were created one by one, unlike men; from one, God made every nation of men (Acts 17:26; Gen 1:28).
When they sin, they are judged independently, but all men are affected by their ancestors (Rom 5:12).

How many angels are there?
“…numbering thousands upon thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousand.” (Rev 5:11) “Thousands upon thousands attended him; ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him.” (Dan 7:10).

2) Some facts about angels: Do angels have ranks and names?

Yes. The chief angel was named Michael. He seemed to be a warrior and defender
(Dan 10:13, 12:1; Rev 12:7; Jude 9).
Another was Gabriel who was a messenger and guide (Dan 8:16, 9:21-22; Lk 1:19,26).
Cherubims (Gen 3:24) and seraphs (Isa 6:2-6) are angels of different ranks and honour.
Angels, authorities and powers all submit to Jesus (1 Pet 3:22; Heb 1:6).

3) Some facts about angels: How different are angels from men?

Men are a little lower than the angels (Heb 2:7).
Angels are stronger and more powerful (2 Pet 2:11; Ps 103:20), with greater wisdom (2 Sam 14:20), holier (Dan 8:13; Mk 8:38), more humble (Rev 22:9; 2 Pet 2:11; Jude 9) and more glorious (Lk 9:26).

Angels are spiritual bodies, bright and white (2 Cor 11:14; Mt 28:2-3; Acts 10:30).
They are usually not seen by men. When they are sent to speak to men, they sometimes appear in the form of men (Dan 8:15; Gen 18:5; 19:10,16).

If God opens the eyes of men, they can see the angels (Num 22:31). Sometimes, men see angels without knowing it (Heb 13:2).

4) Some facts about angels: Do angels sin? Are they like us?

Yes. (2 Pet 2:4) The angels who did not keep their positions of authority but abandoned their own home (Jude 6) failed to hold to the Truth (Jn 8:44).
They, then became evil spirits. God does not tolerate fallen angels nor help them (Heb 2:16). Rather, they are held as evil forever, awaiting the great judgment.

From the above we know that angels were different from us and they were “messengers from heaven.”

Next, A common question people may ask, “Can we worship angels?”

An angel told John, “Do not do it? I am a fellow servant with you and with your brothers who hold the testimony of Jesus.
Worship God!” (Rev 19:10, 22:6)

When we study the facts about angels, we will know that they are also created beings, that is why we don’t worship angels.

It is only God the creator of angels and us human being that we ought to worship. Moreover He is our Heavenly Father and He reckon us as His children.
Though we are a little lower than the angels, our relationship with God is far more honorable! Our God is waiting for us at the door of our heart. Let us turn back and reconcile ourselves with Him now.

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