Question: Can we celebrate Christ’s birth on December 25?

Can we celebrate Christ’s birth on December 25?

Can we celebrate Christ’s birth on December 25? Is Christmas day the birth of Christ?
Here’s some information for your consideration.

What was the month and date of Christ’s birth?

The Bible did not record this information, because it cannot be verified. Some say it was January 6, some March 28, some May 20, or November 17, etc. But all these are human speculations.

What about December 25? Was it the date of Christ’s birth?

It started as a festival and was an isolated custom of the Catholic church that is not biblical. It was a festival of the solar religion in ancient times when pagans celebrated the winter solstice for it marked the first day on which sunshine intensified. From this day on, the night became shorter and the day longer. Grand ceremonies were held to show their devoutness in worshipping the sun. This custom was prevalent in Rome. The Catholic church adopted Emperor Constantine’s suggestion that the pagan custom be “Christianized”. They regarded Christ as the great sun of the human spirit, akin to celebrating the sun. Therefore, they chose this day to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

If Christmas Day is not Christ’s birth, can we choose another day to celebrate Christ’s birth?

The bible does not bear the date of the birth of Jesus because He does not want man to celebrate this day. Jesus was the Word from the beginning, and the Word was God. He said, “Before Abraham was born, I am.” (John 8:58) “The Lord brought me forth as the first of his works, before his deeds of old” (Prov 8:22). God became man in the world, appearing in flesh (1 Tim 3:16) and living among mankind (Prov 8:31; Jn 1:14). Since He is a God without beginning or end, there is no need to remember a day of Christ’s birth on earth.

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Can we celebrate Christ's birth on December 25?

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  1. Dear T.J.C. SG,

    This article is very comprehensive. It demonstrates the uncertainty of the birth of Christ and thus put us all on the path of Truth.

    From Montreal, we want to use this article to share in french language.

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