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Question: Is God real? How can I know for sure that God is real?

Is God real? How can I know for sure that God is real?

God is real because God has shown Himself to the world through Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, who is God Himself (Col 1:15-17), manifested God’s glory (Jn 1:14; Heb 1:3) and made God known to the world (Jn 1:18). Jesus came to demonstrate His love for us, and teach us exactly how to be with Him, God, forever. But many still refused to believe Him (Jn 1:10-11). So even if God merely appeared in the sky to everyone, that wouldn’t do us much good; even if “seeing is believing,” it takes more than that—faith—to be willing to follow and obey Him.

God is real because God does reveal Himself in more meaningful ways.

He reveals His greatness in nature, from the tiny atoms to the gigantic galaxies. He reveals His character in Jesus Christ, who lived and taught among human beings. He reveals His wisdom in the Bible, teaching us how to live a full life by relying on Him. He reveals His love to us in prayer, comforting our sorrows and helping us through our troubles. He reveals His life-transforming power by having His Holy Spirit live in us.

God persuades powerfully, but He doesn’t force you to believe. Ultimately, it is your choice. If you can give God the benefit of the doubt by following His teachings, you will experience for yourself that God is real indeed.

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God is real

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