Question: Where was Jesus born and where did he grow up?

Where was Jesus born and where did he grow up?

Where was Jesus born?

Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judah (Lk 2:4) which was the place of David and his family.

Joseph and Mary came from Nazareth to be registered when Jesus was born. Later, He followed his parents to Nazareth in Galilee where he grew up (Mt 2:23).

Where is Nazareth where Jesus grow up?

Nazareth was a little city in the valley. The valley was about three miles long and more than one mile wide. The city was on the slope southeast to the valley where one could have a full view. Mountains of at least 500 feet above the valley bordered the three sides of the city. To the south was the great plain of Estalon and the Galilee Sea was to the east. In the valley, there were gardens full of flowers and trees. Just outside the city, cypress trees surrounded the mansions of the village people. The scene was beautiful throughout the four seasons of the year.

What was the situation like then where Jesus born?

By the calculation of historians, Jesus was born between 750 to 754 years after the founding of the Roman empire. (Note: The solar calendar started from the year Christ was born which has run for more than 2,000 years).

At that time, the whole Jewish nation had been conquered by the Roman empire but the Roman government adopted a tolerant policy towards their vassals. In some territories, autonomous rule was allowed where traditional customs and religion were preserved. Rome kept the authority to station armies there and the Jewish people paid taxes to the Roman emperor (Lk 20:25).

During Jesus’ time, the Jewish nation was protected by the Roman empire. In 37 B. C., the “Herodian court” was founded and so was the Jewish council. Although it had the power to handle religious issues and gather opinions, death sentences had to be yielded to Roman officials to execute (Mt 27:1-2). Therefore, the Jewish nation existed in name only.


There were some who loved their country and wanted to preserve their religion. There were some who hoped for Israel to be revived (Acts 1:6). But others accepted other cultures and practices.

Jesus sighed, “When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8).

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Where was Jesus born?

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