Question: Is anyone really so evil to deserve the eternal punishment of hell? What is your after death life?

Have you consider what will happen after we leave the world? What is after death life going to be? Some will share with you that those who did evil will receive the eternal punishment of hell.

What is your view on after death life?

Is anyone really so evil as to deserve the eternal punishment of hell? Can God not forgive those who don’t believe in him?

After death life? God provided a Way for Salvation:

– God does not intend to send anyone to hell. Instead, he “desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth” (1 Tim 2:4). We should not think of hell as God’s vengeful punishment. Hell is a choice. People choose hell by rejecting the grace of God. When we sin, we choose to be separated from God, and this separation is exactly what hell is—eternal separation from God, his love, and his joy. Our very action of sinning is its own punishment.

– When addressing the question of whether anyone deserves hell, Peter Kreeft and Ronald K. Tacelli explains, “Hell’s punishment fits sin’s crime because sin is divorce from God. The punishment fits the crime because the punishment is the crime.
Saying no to God means no God. The point is really very simple. Those who object to hell’s over-severity do not see what sin really is. They probably look at sin externally, sociologically, legalistically, as ‘behaving badly.’ They fail to see the real horror of sin and the real greatness and goodness and joy of the God who is refused in every sin. We all fail to appreciate this. Who of us fully appreciates God’s beauty?
The corollary immediately follows: who of us fully appreciates sin’s ugly horror?”

– If God makes everyone go to heaven, including those who do not want God or to be forgiven by him, then human beings have no free choice. God does not force anyone to be in heaven, although his grace of forgiveness is available to all. We need to make the choice to accept this grace.

Where do you want to go for your after death life: Heaven or Hell?

Now we know we all have a chance to go heaven and it is time to consider on our after death life other than our present life.

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