Question: I don’t need religion. Who is to say which religion is right?

You might say I don’t need religion because your religious beliefs may be true for you but not for me. There is no absolute right or wrong when it comes to religion. Who is to say which religion is right? We should just respect each other’s beliefs.

Is the belief that “there is no absolute right or wrong” absolute? If so, then it’s self-defeating because it claims to be absolutely right.  Religious beliefs must be based on reality. Any belief that is not true to reality is false belief. Different people may choose to believe differently, but not all beliefs are based on the truth. You may choose to believe that there is no such thing as gravity, but would your belief be valid? If you then jumped off a cliff, would you not fall anymore? Like gravity, religion isn’t just a matter of personal taste, where your opinion is as good as the next person’s. Because our religious belief determines our destiny, it must be firmly rooted only in the absolute truth. God tells us, “Besides me there is no other God.” Jesus said,“Whoever believes in me is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already.” Either this is true or this is a lie. We must find out which, because the future of our very existence is at stake.

Next, you might say I don’t need religion because all religion are pretty much the same.

You might say, “Different religions are simply different paths up the same mountain.” But what if one guide told you that the only way up the mountain was to crawl back downward, while another told you to jump off its side, while yet another told you to keep climbing up? They couldn’t all be right at the same time! Different religious traditions often offer completely opposite answers to our problems. For example, one religion teaches about a heavenly afterlife, while another denies that heaven exists at all. Which is right? Given that our entire existence is at stake, we have to find the answer—not just a plausible answer, but the right answer.

Or you might say I don’t need religion because religion are only good for teaching people to live good lives, then perhaps not everyone needs a religion.

But what is a “good life”? More importantly, where is your life heading? Faith in God is more than what we do in our everyday life of work and play. It is also more than some vague idea of meaning or value. Faith in God is finding the answer to our “ultimate concern.” It is about where we came from, why we live, and where we will end up. Without God, we are trapped in evil, sin, suffering, and death. But,through Jesus Christ, we can be saved from our afflictions and receive eternal life. This means that we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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I don't need a religion but I need Salvation

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