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Testimony By Brother Yew Fai & Sister Yoke – Singapore

I held Elijah close to me for I was afraid of losing him. As my heart beat against his, I prayed for God‟s kind mercy and His forgiveness for my irresponsibility.

Hallelujah! In the name of Lord Jesus Christ I bear testimony.

A Frightful Night

At about 12 midnight on 11 June 2011, Elijah went to bed later than usual due to a long day at church on Sabbath Day and because he need not attend school the next morning. After 10 minutes, he fell from the newly bought doubledecker bed. We did not see how he fell as the lights were out. We heard a loud thud, and when we turned on the lights, he was lying on the floor, stunned, and then he started crying aloud.

As the height of the bed from the floor was approximately 6 feet, we immediately checked if he had suffered any injury. There was no blood, and he did not seem to have any broken bones. However a large bump had appeared on his head. The bump was unusual as it appeared from the right side of his head to the front.

I immediately brought  him to the A&E, with my wife Yoke and the kids remaining at home. Upon arriving at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Elijah was admitted and examined. As Elijah did not show any physical injury, and was alert (no vomiting, fainting or loss of motor skills), the A&E doctor was ready to discharge us after the X-ray.

I was much relieved to hear this. However my heart sank when the X-ray showed a long fracture from the back of his head on the right side to the front. The A&E said that they could not determine from the X-ray if Elijah had any internal brain damage, therefore he needed to be warded in KK Hospital for further investigation by the specialist.

Frightful 48 Hours Ordeal

While waiting for the hospital ambulance to send us to KK, my heart was troubled and many thoughts raced across my mind. I was angry and remorseful for letting this accident happen: “Why did I buy that bed?”, “Why didn‟t I make sure Elijah was tucked in and asleep and not playing on the bed?” and so on. I held Elijah close to me for I was afraid of losing him. As my heart beat against his, I prayed for God‟s kind mercy and His forgiveness for my irresponsibility.

Arriving at KK at about 3.30am, we were quickly warded, and a brief examination was done. We were told that the specialist would come the next morning to see Elijah. He was given only pain killers and nothing else. Elijah was so exhausted, but at the same time he was afraid and in trauma. I tried to speak as calmly as possible to him, so he could relax and sleep. I promised to buy him a toy when he was discharged. After our prayer, Elijah slept peacefully.

The next few hours till morning waiting for the specialist seemed like days. I prayed till I fell asleep. When the specialist came at about 9.30am, Elijah was his usual self watching TV. After making some checks and observing Elijah’s responses, the specialist believed that the fracture did not cause any internal damage, and we were  discharged in the afternoon after another 6 hours of observation. However, we were told to monitor his condition further and report of any change in his behaviour.

God’s Protection

Thank God for protecting Elijah in the fall.  He was his usual self again and  bugged me to buy him his favourite toy. Immediately we went to get it before we headed home. I felt relieved when we arrived home though my heart was still beating hard. We did not allow the children to go near the double-decker bed, and 2 days later we had the bed changed to a pull-out type.

During this whole episode, the lessons which I learnt were:
1) Do not buy double-decker beds if your children are below 10 years.
2) Your powers are limited as a man. I felt helpless because I could not prevent an accident from happening. I felt helpless that there was nothing I could do, but could only clutch onto Elijah while waiting for the doctors to do something.
3) Life can be indeed uncertain and fleeting. We have taken many things for granted.

It was God who was there that night to save Elijah, when we as parents failed to prevent his fall from the bed. It was our God who protected Elijah from internal head injuries, and it was God who gave us the strength and peace during that frightful 48 hours ordeal. It brings to mind this verse in the Holy Bible:

“Keep me as the apple of Your eye; Hide me under the shadow of Your wings” (Ps 17:8).

Elijah’s fall could have been worse, and his injury could have been very serious, even life threatening. But he only suffered a fracture and a terrible fright. It was a lesson to him and to us. In hindsight we cannot thank God enough, for we are already heavily indebted to Him. We need to keep reminding our children of this accident that the grace of our Lord Jesus has kept Elijah safe.

May all glory be given to the blessed name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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