How my mother come to believe after God spoke to her

How my mother come to believe after God spoke to her

How my mother come to believe after God spoke to her

Testimony By Pr Silas Kong in Year 2008 – Singapore

In Jesus’ name I bear testimony.

I believed every Christian has received the grace of God and have been moved by Him. The testimony I am going to bear today is with regards to my mother.

After my conversion to Christianity, my first thought was to preach the gospel to my family members. I believe many of us have been rejected by our unbelieving family members when we try to preach the gospel to them. The first year after my baptism, my faith was still very weak and had difficulty in preaching to my family members.

One day, my mother had a heart attack and needed an operation to clear up some blocked arteries. The night before her scheduled surgery, I attended the night service at Adam Road Church. I could not concentrate on the sermon for my mind was filled with thoughts of my mother’s situation. What if she died before receiving the salvation grace of God? My conscience would be pricked forever for she had procrastinated to accept God’s grace to her.

When I knelt down to pray at the end of the service, again I was distracted and felt confused. I decided to let the Holy Spirit lead me. In fact during that prayer I was so trouble and was unable to concentrate at all, and at that point of time the Holy Spirit came in to take away all my trouble, I felt so peaceful that all my trouble and sorrow was gone. What a wonderful experience! The next day, my mum had a very successful operation and she recovered. In my bible reading, I was reminded of the Holy Spirit being our comforter. I had read this verse before and did not feel anything for it. However, this time I truly felt He could take our sorrows away.

As my mother recuperated I diligently brought her to church though she was still not very willing to accept the truth. In one prayer before the Evergreen Fellowship service commenced, I told God that my mother did not receive much education so she could not really understand much of the sermon. And I asked, “Lord Jesus could you save my mother because I truly do not know how to preach to her.”

God heard and granted my plea for in my mother’s prayer during that service she was moved by the Holy Spirit. As I continued to preach the doctrines to her, she continued to resist them. She insisted on worshipping her own gods. When I explained that man has sin and need the forgiveness of God, she refused to accept it and claimed she has no sin and needed no one’s forgiveness.

I brought her to church again to attend another Evergreen Fellowship Spiritual Meeting. This time, I brought her to sit on the front pews so she could receive the laying on of hands by the ministers during prayer for the Holy Spirit. Although she was not very willing, but because she loves me greatly, she knelt in front to pray.

At the end of that prayer for Holy Spirit, my mother stood up and looked at me with a terrified expression on her face. She wanted to go home immediately. I asked her, “Why are you in such a hurry, there is dinner later?” As she was desperate to leave, she revealed to me, “When I was praying just now your God spoke to me!” I asked her, “What did God say?” To that, she could only reply, “Anyway, He spoke to me.” I found it very strange because I knelt next to her during prayer and did not hear anyone speak to her. Nevertheless, I gave in to her appeal and we left the church.

I followed up on my mother’s incident and clarified with some ministers if they had talked to her during the prayer. Of course they had not. Then I could not understand it was a miracle from God and my heart was troubled.

I pursued the matter further with my mother and asked, “Can you please tell me who spoke to you?” She said, “Your God spoke to me!” I asked, “What did He say to you?” She replied, “He said, “I want you to come”. And I replied I dare not come because I am full of sins. I have sins because I gamble.” Since my mother could understand neither English nor Mandarin, out of curiosity I asked her, “What language did God speak to you in?” “He spoke to me in Hokkien.” My mother’s dialect is Hokkien. Before God, man’s sins are not hidden. My mother likes to play mahjong. Lord Jesus is truly amazing.

In spite of her personal experiences with God, my mother was obstinate and continued to resist His Salvation grace. One day she had a very strange dream. In the dream she saw a black man standing opposite her, and between the two of them there was a deep chasm. The black man told her, “Jump over, I will do some good deeds for you.” But when my mum saw the deep chasm, she felt she could not jump over for she would surely die if she did. Suddenly there was a voice from above telling her not to jump. At that instant she woke up from the dream.

This dream left a very deep impression on her. It was very terrifying and very real. She began to relent and became very obedient and submissive when she was in church. However, I felt that attending the normal services for an hour was not sufficient for her to understand the doctrines. So I came up with some schemes to bring her out of the country to attend some spiritual meetings. I thought if she was out of the country she could not play mahjong and could concentrate on meditating on the truth. Hence we went on a tour to Taiwan some time later.

My mother met some sisters in Taiwan churches who received us warmly and attended to her constantly. As we attended many services, she had a “taste” of regular church life. She gradually accepted the gospel. We also toured Thailand and visited churches in Thailand. It was at a Spiritual Meeting in Thailand that my mother received the Holy Spirit. It was indeed a great grace of God.

Upon our return to Singapore, I wanted her to be baptized but I was worried if she could abide by the teachings of God. So I prayed again, “God I do not know your will. As a son I want my mother to be baptized but I am afraid she would sin against You.”

God is truly merciful. He continued to move my mother. One day she told me she wanted baptism. I was shocked and I told her I did not dare to make any decision for her and I would consult the preachers. The ministers evaluated her case and approved her application for baptism.

On the eve of baptism, my mother declined my offer to fetch her to church the following morning. She overslept on the morning of baptism! I rushed over to her house with a BroYap to bring her to the baptism site. By the grace of God, all went well and my mother’s sins were cleansed by the blood of Jesus. The devil will hinder the work of God. Our reliance on God’s power will bring about victory.

If not for God’s mercy, my mother would not have believed. I often think about how Abraham prayed for Lot. God truly listens very intently to all our prayers. It is the same today, He hears our prayers. Whatever we pray for, as long as it is according to His will, He will do it. He may not act immediately but He listens patiently. The problem is do we pray patiently? Do we truly believe He listens? This is something we need to reflect upon. My mother had many illnesses. After her baptism, miraculously God blesses her, and her health improves daily.

I believe every Christian has personal testimonies of God. Today when we are before Him, we are to pray to Him in faith, to believe in His promises because He is a loving and merciful God.

What is man? Man is but dust. What can a man boast of? After we die we have nothing left. But God is willing to take the form of flesh to come to the world to die painfully on the cross, to shed His precious blood for us. Do we think about the great love of God? If we often consider this great love, we will be like what our preachers taught us, we will always be vigilant. We will give thanks constantly. We will not think about the things of the world. We will place the love of God first in our hearts.

The love of God is not measured by how much material blessings we have. It is just like a father’s love for his child. If a father had a child, and if the child was in danger, would the father not save the child? Every one is created by our Heavenly Father. We are all His children. Do we think about the desires of our Heavenly Father? If we sinned and we fell, do we consider if our Heavenly Father is hurt? So we often have to consider the grace of God and His great love. When we preach the gospel we will have strength. God will patiently listen to our prayers. He will sympathize with our weaknesses. When we receive the grace of God, we must not take them for granted. We must give thanks, and we must spend our time and our energy on God.

Thank God for His grace that I am share this testimony.

May all glory be given to our Jesus Christ in Heaven. Amen.

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    • Hi, thanks for asking! Everyone will undergo judgment; no one will be exempt. Hence the writer of Hebrews says, “And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment” (Heb 9:27). Jesus also warns, “But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment..” (Matt 12:36-37). Read more on our post regarding Judgment (http://www.truejesuschurch.sg/judgment-day-2/question-can-man-escape-gods-judgment/) if you would like to know more and feel free to write to us again.

      May His Spirit lead us to all truth and understanding!

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