True Jesus Church is the True Church with the Holy Spirit

I was gradually convinced that the True Jesus Church is the True Church with the Holy Spirit.

True Jesus Church is the True Church with the Holy Spirit

David Yeo – Singapore

Hallelujah! In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I bear a testimony.

I am David Yeo Seng Boo. My testimony consists of two parts. The first part is how my parents, brother, sister and I became Christians in the Methodist Church. The second part is how I came to the True Jesus Church to accept the Lord Jesus Christ and to receive baptism in His precious blood.

How We Become Christians

The incident happened in 1942 during the Japanese Occupation. The Japanese stockpiled all types of explosives in the Geylang English School at Lorong 23, Geylang. At that time we lived at Lorong 19, Geylang. My mother was a staunched Buddhist. Wearing a Buddhist robe every morning, she would kneel down before the window and chant the Buddhist prayer. My sister wanted to become a Christian but my mother disallowed it. As long as my mother was alive, she would not allow anyone of us to become Christians. However, my sister was very persistent in her prayers and hoped that one day God would change my mother’s mind.

One day, without any warning, the explosives stored in the Geylang English School exploded causing much destruction in the surrounding areas. On hearing the explosion, we hastened to the air-raid shelter, which was built under the house. When we were in the air-raid shelter, something amazing happened. Instead of praying to Buddha for protection, my mother prayed to Lord Jesus Christ to protect all of us. At the height of the prayer, my mother suddenly saw a wonderful vision. An angel dressed in white stood beside her. We were overjoyed beyond words because all of us were unharmed. Thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for His protection. Out of the row of eight houses, only three in the middle (one of which was ours) were not burnt down. Judging by the extensive damage caused by the explosion on the row of houses, anything serious could have happened to anyone of us. Through this experience, all of us including my mother embraced Christianity. I was fully convinced that God saved us because of our prayers.

After my marriage, my wife, Sis Chin Sin Oi, a member of the True Jesus Church invited me to the True Jesus Church. At first, I was reluctant to join her. However after much persuasion, I finally decided to go with her.

Although I attended the True Jesus Church services regularly for several years, I refused to be baptised in the church for I believed the teachings of all churches were the same.

There are four members in my family and all of them had received baptism and the Holy Spirit except me. Each time when my wife partook the Holy Communion, she would shed tears in prayers for me. My wife longed to have me to partake the Holy Communion with her. She was also concerned about me as to which church, the Methodist Church or the True Jesus Church, to conduct the funeral service upon my leaving this world. My wife sought Pr Chang Kuo Ching’s advice  and he told her to pray for my soul. From then on, my wife prayed for my salvation.

As the years went by, I was gradually convinced that the True Jesus Church is the True Church because the church has the Holy Spirit. This is evident when the members speak in tongues in their prayers. (John 4:24) “God is spirit and all His worshippers must worship in spirit and in truth.” The preachings are in complete accordance with the Bible.

A Very Serious Care Accident

Unexpectedly, one day, my son who was studying in US met with a serious car accident and had fractured his left arm. The operation needed a bone marrow transplant from the hip to replace the lost bones in his arm. According to the doctor, it would take at least a year for the arm to be fully recovered. Upon our request, the members of the True Jesus Church prayed for him. Pr Chang and his wife visited our house and together with them, my wife and I prayed hard for my son’s recovery. Miraculously, after a few weeks in the hospital, he was able to come back to Singapore to attend his sister, Wei Ling’s wedding. My son then went back to US for a second surgery and recuperated rapidly with God’s grace. (Matthew 19:26) “With men this is impossible but with God all things are possible.” I was deeply touched by the love and concern from our Christian family.

The incident of my son’s car accident in US might have come with God’s love to call me back to Him and to the True Jesus Church.

On 19th December, 1999 I received baptism in His precious blood and became part of God’s family. God had washed my sins away and I felt completely reborn. With God’s blessings, a total of 19 candidates including my daughter-in-law, Alicia Seah, received baptism on the same day with me and became part of God’s family.

Receiving The Gift Of The Holy Spirit

On the day of Evergreen Fellowship Spiritual Meeting, I went forward to the first row of the hall. I felt calm when I knelt down to pray. I was  focused on my prayer on worshipping and praising Him. During my prayer, I asked God to forgive me if I had done anything wrong and also asked God to grant me the precious gift of the Holy Spirit. When the deacon laid hands on me, I had strong vibrations, which I had never experienced before. But I did not speak in tongues. I knew God’s spirit had moved me. I was filled with so much joy that tears started to roll.

From my experience, I am fully convinced that prayer is very important to us. God will help us to overcome our problems or troubles if we pray wholeheartedly to Him. Prayer has to be persistent, humble and serious. Do you have time to pray? God has the time to listen.
In conclusion, I would like to put forward the following. The 3 important elements which will help us in our daily lives namely:
(1) Read God’s words or hear His words
(2) Follow His examples and
(3) Talk to Him or pray to Him

May God bless all of us now and always. Hallelujah, Amen.

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    • Hi, thanks for asking! The Lord says, “My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done.” (Rev 22:12, Rom 2:5-10). Why would a loving God want to judge us? This is because He is Righteous, He will separate out the good from the bad and reveal each person’s work, even the hidden things He will bring to light (1 Cor 4:5). Thus we do not lose heart to follow our heart to do what is right. Read more on our post “Do we have evidence that heaven is real or is it just wishful thinking?” (http://www.truejesuschurch.sg/category/heaven-hell/) to find out, or feel free to write to us if you would like to know more.

      May His Spirit lead us to all truth and understanding!

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