The True Religion – The True God

The True Religion - The True God

The True Religion – The True God

Testimony by Guo Chui Yin – Singapore

In the name of Lord Jesus Christ I bear testimony.

A Free Thinker

I was raised in a family that believed in religious freedom. When I was young, my parents did not bring me to a temple or to a church. However, I married into a family that worships.

My marriage to an idol worshiper

I was introduced to various statues with different adornments. Thank God, that my mother-in-law did not force me to worship these idols. After delivering my first child, my husband and I decided to move out to stay on our own.

First encounter with the gods

As I had a very hectic schedule at work, I left the entire house renovation and home furnishing to my mother-in-law’s care. When I approached my new house for the first time after the renovation and furnishing were completed, I noticed there were a lot of red papers pasted on the wall along the corridor. An image of a heaven god hung at the front door and an image of another god wasted pasted on the gate.  There were also many different altars and statues inside the house. There was a statue of the god of the earth under the altar, and other statues were placed in the kitchen and the bedroom. My mother-in-law believed that since I was pregnant with my first child, I ought to pray to a god in the bedroom so that my child can grow well. She also wanted me to offer to it three joss sticks in the morning and three at night. However I was a little lazy and did not follow her instructions thoroughly and only did so on the 1st and 15th day of each month. I also lost tract of these dates so I decided to only offer the incense on special occasions. Duet to my busy work schedules along the way, I only made offerings to the gods once a year on new year’s eve. I felt a little ashamed but it did not really bother me much though.

Some years later, my husband and I again moved to another house. This time, I oversee all the renovation work and home furnishings myself and I did not put up any idols images or statues.

True Jesus Church

By now, my children were around 14-15 years old. One day, my son came and told me, “I want to go to the True Jesus Church with Bro Biwei and his sister.” To me, the church is a very solemn place of worship, I was curious to what piqued his interest in this church since he is an active boy. However I comforted myself and let him go with the thought of the church being a very good environment to be in.

Subsequently on a few occasions, he invited my husband and I to the church. Though there was no big welcome for us, the members treated us with warmth and hospitality. Many sisters actually shared their testimonies with us in the dining area after the service ended. As time went by my faith started to grow. However I only attended services at my free time.

My son’s Baptism in the true church

One night my son came into my room with a form in his hand and said, “Mum, I want to get baptized.” I told him, “Isn’t it too early to get baptized? Why don’t you wait until you have completed your National Service in the army before making this decision?” to which he replied, “No, I want to get baptized now.”  I gave him quite a big scolding that night and I chase him out of my room.

The next night he again brought the same form to me. This time he begged me to consent it.  Unrelenting and without any consideration for his feelings, I warned him, “Think carefully. If I were to sign the form now, what will you do if you regretted it in future? Please don’t bother me anymore, I want to rest.”

On the third night, the same thing happened. However this time he did not say anything. But I noticed his expression was filled with bitterness. He looked very dejected. So I said, “Alright since you want to get baptized so much then you just carry on.” And I signed the form.  I did not turn up to witness his baptism. In hindsight, I felt really bad about it and wished to apologise to him.

Two years later after completing his National Service, he went to New Zealand to further his studies.  Initially, I was worried for we have no relatives or friends there to take care of him. On the contrary, he assured me he would not be alone as there were many church members over there who would take care of him.

My husband and I visited him in New Zealand and the church members received us very warmly and were very hospital. I was touched. Once more they witnessed to us many moving testimonies. I resolved to be baptized upon my return to Singapore.

God embraced my husband and I

At the end of that year, we received our baptism at the Singapore church. I had been a truth-seeker for almost 9 years. 18 years have passed since I first stepped into True Jesus Church. I am very glad to come to this church because we have a gracious God and many loving brothers and sisters amongst us.

All praises and glory be given to God.

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    1. Hi, I presume you are asking the reason why the church celebrates the lunar new year. Lunar new year is celebrated as a racial festival and since the church consist mostly of Chinese, that is why we celebrate lunar new year.

    1. Hi, thanks for asking! The Bible uses a range of terms, metaphors and symbols to describe the church. E.g. God’s field (1 Cor 3:9), spiritual house built with living stones (1 Pet 2:4-5), Bride of Jesus (2 Cor 11:2; Rev 21:9), etc.. Read more on our post on What are the Biblical analogies of the living church of God? ( if you would like to know more and feel free to write to us again.

      May His Spirit lead us to all truth and understanding!

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